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Rich with History

(CityLife) May 26, 2014

Woman ventures to save six shotgun houses in hope of preserving history.


Preservation on the Ground: Norla Preservation Project

(Preservation In Pink) February, 3, 2014

This brings me to introduce “Preservation on the Ground”, a new series for Preservation in Pink that will interview passionate people wrangling preservation projects and living inspiring stories.


Adventures in Preservation Joins Norla Preservation Project to Incorporate Historic Shotgun Houses in Downtown Shreveport Revitalization Efforts

Boulder, Colorado and Shreveport, Louisiana (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Shreveport downtown revitalization to receive a boost from Norla Preservation Project and Adventures in Preservation with restoration of six historic shotgun houses for use by small businesses.


Norla Preservation Project aims to save and reuse historic shotgun houses

Shreveport, Louisiana (KSLA) October 27, 2013

The Norla Preservation Project is a relatively new Shreveport group with an aim to save and transform historic buildings. Project founder Kelly Rich was driving through downtown in April when she came across a project that inspired her to start the group: a row of historic shotgun houses on Peabody street. 


Shotgun House Rehab Debate Revived

Shreveport, Louisiana (KTBS) November 8, 2013

Some say they're a testament to our rich history, while others say, they're a reminder of a past they'd like to forget. The preservation of shotgun houses is being discussed again and as KTBS 3's Keristen Holmes found out, the community is still divided on the issue. Shotgun houses were originally as popular with the middle class as they were with the poor. But over time, they became a symbol of poverty. 


Future of Shreveport's Peadbody Street shotgun homes unveiled

Shreveport, Louisiana (KTAL) October 18, 2013

The Norla Preservation Project unveiled their vision for the future of Shreveport's Peabody Street shotgun homes on Friday. Kelly Rich founded the non-profit in 2013 to save six abandoned homes from demolition.


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