About the Project


Baker Street Bottoms

Shotgun Development


The Baker Street Bottoms will be a new retail/dining complex located in the West End of downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. Six historic shotgun houses will make up the project. These shotgun houses will undergo an extensive rehabilitation and upgrade by utilizing adaptive reuse. Each shotgun house measurements are approximately 16x45 feet (675 sf). The houses will be centered around a courtyard common area. The courtyard area will have space for live music, patio dining, and benches surrounded by mature trees, a brick patio, and native Louisiana plantings. The Baker Street Bottoms will be located on Baker Street, bordered by Travis Street and Sprague Street.


Street view on Matilda


The West End of downtown Shreveport is better known as the Bottoms or Ledbetter Heights. The Bottoms had many examples of jazz and blues musicians in the early 20th Century. We will highlight that musical history by naming each shotgun house for a musician significant to the neighborhood. Each shotgun house will have a plaque with the musician’s name and summary of significance to the Bottoms neighborhood.



Young professionals and established adults attracted by Shreveport's unique quality of life are making homes here and tourism is an ever-growing force. Downtown Shreveport is providing a truly unique opportunity for business owners, retailers, and developers who want to invest in the richness and culture of North Louisiana. Many community festivals take place each year in Festival Plaza where thousands of residents and visitors experience the center of the city. The cultural arts enrich downtown with the Municipal Auditorium, the Strand Theatre, Artspace and Central Art Station, Robinson Film Center, Shreveport Common, and multiple historic churches and buildings.

Aerial view of  'The Bottoms' in downtown Shreveport


 The Baker Street Bottoms will be within blocks of the Shreveport Common cultural arts district, the historic Oakland Cemetery, the Municipal Auditorium, and Millennium Studios. We plan to have each shotgun house filled with a local small business that can cater to area visitors along with downtown dwellers. Our goal lease occupants would be a coffee shop, bakery, market, multiple restaurants, and a music/book store. During the next several years the West End of downtown Shreveport will be transformed into a vibrant cultural district and the Baker Street Bottoms plans to be a major part of the transformation.